Jio F61F Boot Keys For Download Mode To Flash Firmware

Are you facing problems to boot your jio f61f keypad phone into download mode, then this guide will help you to give you perfect solution.

On this page your are going to know about jio F61F boot keys. Boot keys Will help your device to boot in download mode. Once jio F61F go to in download mode, you can flash it by flash tool successfully.

Jio f61f boot key

What is download mode ?

Download mode is a boot in your mobile device by which you can install stock rom (firmware) into your device. To boot your device into download mode, you have to press and hold some keys and then have to insert usb cable.

Jio F61F Boot Keys for Download Mode.

  • Power off jio F61F mobile or reinsert battery.
  • Now connect your usb cable to pc.
  • Press and hold Jio key and then insert usb cable in charging port.
  • When your jio F61F is connected in download mode successfully then release the keys only.
  • Now you can flash or unlock your mobile.

What flash tool you can use to flash your jio F61F.

If your device stuck on logo then you need to install stock rom (firmware) into your device. You will need flash file, usb drivers and flash tool for your Lyf jio F61F. You can do this only on a pc. So you will require a pc also.

UpgradeDownload tool is the ony one you can use to flash your lyf jio F61F. Jio F61F is powered by SPD (Spreadturm) CPU, so UpgradeDownload tool is best to solve software issues in your jio F61F. You can also check boot keys for jio f220b.

How to solve hang on logo in jio F61F.

In some cases, if your jio F61F stuck logo then you can fix it with simple hard reset. But this method will only work in some conditions. If this method doesn't work for you then you will have to flash your device.

Remember before flashing your mobile phone.

Before you start to flash your device you must remember these things in mind.
  1. Flashing will erase all data from your device permanently.

  2. Copy your files, contacts first if you want to restore it later.

  3. Charge device battery at 50%;

  4. Only download and flash firmware file for your mobile Model only.

  5. Don't disconnect during flashing.

  6. Do all the steps carefully.

How to fix Jio F61F dead after flash ?

In case, if your device become dead after flashing firmware, then it will not connected to pc and it will power on anyway. If you try to connect charger nothing will work. It means you have flashed wrong firmware into your jio F61F.

So what to do next ? All you to do download another firmware file and latest UpgradeDownload tool. Now you have to press two keys together to connect your Mobile in download mode.

Jio F61F boot keys when it becomes dead after flashing.

Press and hold ₹ key and jio key together and then insert usb cable.


Do all the operations carefully. You will only be responsible for any damage to your device.