Dreamster blogger template, download dreamster seo ready template

Dreamster, free Premium looking blogger responsive theme or template.

Dreamster is a free version blogger theme or template. It is highly optimized for user experience on blogs. Dreamster blogger template is seo friendly and responsive. It contains good design and look. Widgets and features available in dreamster template are mentioned below.

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Quick description.

Dreamster template, specifically made for blogs, created on blogger. Here, you can download the best free blogger themes for your blogs, and then install them from blogger dashboard.

We provide here the best free seo friendly and reeponsive templates for bloggers. It is easy to download and easy to setup.

Customize the themes your way. These templates are responsive that means they will adjust according to every device resolution.

These themes can give visitor best experience.

How to download dreamster blogger theme ?

Steps to download Dreamster blogger theme.

  1. It's easy to download, Dreamster template.

  2. Click on download button.

  3. it will start downloading very shortly.

  4. You can also preview the theme before you download.

  5. The template has given in .zip format.

  6. Download and extract the file to upload on your blog.

Dreamster Blogger Theme
Blogger templates

Dreamster blogger theme

Dreamster blogger template is a responsive and premium looking blogger template.

It has clean layout, which looks good on each device. This theme is customizable, you can add or remove extra widgets in this theme. It contains user friendly colors and scales.

It has been optimized for seo [ search engine optimization ]. It is free to download for everyone. Let's enjoy this theme.

Available functionality in this template

  • Header
  • Main Wrapper.
  • Sidebar wrapper.
  • Post Thumbnails.
  • Footer wrapper.
  • Copyright area.
  • Search bar.
  • Sidepanel
  • Menu bar.
  • Drop down menu.
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Post pagination
  • Page Navigation.
  • Email Subscription.
  • Comment system.
  • Social share buttons.

Features of this template

  • Free to use.
  • Fast loading speed.
  • Responsive.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Desktop friendly.
  • Easy to install.
  • Seo friendly.
  • No errors.
  • User friendly.
  • Clean design.
  • Editable.
  • Monetize with ads.
  • Add banners and other ads space
  • build with html, css, javascript, Jquery and xml.

Available types of posts.

  • Recent posts.

  • Popular posts.

  • Labled posts.

  • Featured posts.

How to install theme on your blog.

After downloading this theme, extract the file it will be in zip format.

To install this template go to blogger dashboard select your blog, click on themes option then select restore theme and upload the theme named example.xml it may take some time to install on your blog.

Once installed, you can preview your template or open your blog manually.

Remember While installing template.

  • Internet connection must be fast.

  • Don't leave current browser window.

  • Don't navigate to another tab of your browser.

  • Don't refresh current browser window.

  • Recommend chrome browser for better experience.

  • Always use desktop mode on mobile devices.

How to edit blogger template ?

If you want to customize or design your blogger template, then you need to have knowledge of web programming or designing. You can't do that without knowing to code website or webpages.

If you knew, then this task is easy for you. But remember to code well, half of mistake will ruin your theme or template completely.

You can use HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT to give a new better look to your blogger theme.

Use of HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT to re-build templates or websites.


is used to create webpages. Html is commonly used in every webpage exists on the internet.


is used to design webpages. We can style our webpages as we want.


is used to add additional functionality to webpages or websites.

What is blogger ?

Blogger is a blogging platform where we can host or create our blogs. Blogger is latest blogging platform. It is free to use mean you don't have to pay anything to create a blog on blogger. Blogger is a google product, it's security and maintenance is covered by google.

What is blog ?

A blog is a dynamic website on the internet where we can share or publish posts including valuable information, our knowledge, thoughts and etc. Blogs are the perfect way to spread the information on internet that may help users or visitors to solve their problems and to obtain new knowledgeable information.

What is a website template ?

A template or theme is the structure and layout of a website. A template is built with web programming languages as html, css, javascript and php etc.

Every website or blog uses themes or templates. Website templates can be devided into many pages. These pages can contain different or same functionalities.


Whenever you visit or open a website, you actually open the homepage of that website. Then you click any link on homepage, you are redirected to another page of that website. These homepage and pages are all the part of template of particular website.

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