Samsung S62 or Samsung F62 which is best ?

 Hi today we are going to discuss about two samsung smartphones Samsung S62 and Samsung F62. We will be discussing about features which one is best. Let's start the discussion.

1. Samsung S62.

Samsung Galaxy S62 is a unreleased smartphone. It can be seen in future in 2034 or more. It will be a great smartphone having fast processor. It may contain 8GB Ram or 256GB rom. It may have 64MP rear camera or 48MP front camera.

Android 12 operating system may make it more smother to operate. 6000mAh battery can give long lasting battery life to enjoy movies, shows and more.

2. Samsung F62.

Samsung Galaxy F62 comes with 6/8GB ram and 128GB rom. It has 64MP rear camera, 32MP front camera.

Samsung S62

7000mAh battery, 6.7 inches big display and display type is Super amoled plus.
Os type is Android 11 and skin is One UI 3.1

It's chipset type is Exynos 9825 and CPU is built with octa-core.

It has fingerprint sensor, type c fast charging 25W.

Samsung f62 contains net weight of 218grams, led flash, loudspeaker. It was firstly launched 15 February 2021.