Nokia 105 RM-908 Flash File (Stock Rom)

On this page, you can download Nokia 105 RM-908 flash file. This firmware file is tested by us. This will solve hang on logo (bootloop) and unlock password, sim lock etc.

Nokia 105 flash file

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Get Nokia 105 RM-908 flash file.

Model Nokia 105 RM-908
Type Flash file (firmware)
Tested Yes
Size Unknown
Version Latest

All data including music, videos, contacts, document will be erased permanently. So take a backup of your data if possible before flashing your device.

Remember before flashing.

  1. Charge device battery 50%.

  2. Install USB drivers for your mobile model.

  3. Use original USB cable.

  4. Only use flash file for your mobile model. Don't try to flash other file.

  5. Don't disconnect device during flashing is in progress.

  6. After flashing done, reinsert battery if possible then power on your device.

  7. If device automatically restarted after flashing let that power on itself.

  8. It may take 5-10 minutes to boot first time after flashing.