Method to boot Samsung Galaxy A52 in recovery mode

Today in this guide you will learn to boot your Samsung Galaxy A52 in recovery mode with easy steps. Follow all the instructions given below.

Samsung Galaxy A52 Recovery Mode

SM A52 is a smartphone with 6GB ram and 128GB internal storage (Rom). It is running on latest Android operating system which is Android 11. It has great features and functionalities. You can check full Samsung Galaxy A52 specifications here.

Steps to enter in Recovery mode in Samsung Galaxy A52.

  • Power off Samsung Galaxy A52.

  • Now insert a usb cable in your SM A52 charging port.

  • Now press and hold volume up and power keys together until Samsung logo appears on screen then release the keys.

  • Now your device will open in recovery mode.

  • Here, use volume up and down keys to navigate and power key to select.

How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy A52 from recovery mode.

You can perform hard reset from recovery mode which will set your device to default factory settings. Hard reset wipes or erases all data such as media files, contacts app data etc from internal storage of your mobile device.

From above instructions you have learnt to boot Samsung Galaxy A52 in recovery mode. From there you can do hard reset. Let's know how you can do that.

Steps to hard reset Samsung Galaxy A52.

  1. Open recovery mode in SM A52.

  2. Now select Wipe data / Factory reset and press power key.

  3. In next window select yes and press power key.

  4. Wait for Wipe data completes.

  5. Now reboot your device.

  6. It may take 5-10 minutes to boot first time after hard reset, so keep patience.

  7. Ones, your device is ready, setup to use completely.


Do all the given operations carefully, you will only be responsible for any damage to your device.

How to fix hang on logo in Samsung Galaxy A52 ?

in some cases, your device operating system (firmware) may be currepted then it will cause some issues in your mobile phone. Your smartphone can go to bootloop as result it will stuck on logo.

in such condition you can't operate your device. Here are the two step by which you can solv this problem.

1. Hard reset your mobile device.

We have method above how to hard reset Samsung A52. You can follow those instructions to hard reset your mobile. In some cases, hard reset can fix stuck on logo problem perfectly.

2. Flash your device.

Another way is to install stock rom on your device. This will complete fix this issue. To flash your Samsung Galaxy A52, you need firmware file , odin3 flash tool and Samsung usb drivers. You can flash your device only using a pc (laptop or computer).