Full guide on how to hard reset , factory reset Realme 8

On this page, you are going to learn to reset realme 8 with easy steps. Follow full instructions given on this page to factory reset your realme 8.

Before we learn to reset realme 8, we must know what change will be made after factory resetting. So pay attention to the given information carefully.

Hard reset realme 8

Remember before factory resetting your mobile device.

  • All data will be removed or deleted from your device such as contacts, music, videos, files, app data, accounts etc.

  • Backup or copy your whole data before proceeding to factory reset your phone.

  • You can copy your data from your phone to another phone or in a memory card if your device is not locked and it is ON condition.

  • You can export your contacts and import them later.

  • Make sure to charge phone battery at least 50%.

How to factory reset Realme 8 from settings ?

In this method, you can reset your realme 8 mobile from the settings menu. Follow these steps to complete this task.

Method 1

  1. Open settings app in Realme 8.

  2. In settings menu, scroll down and click on additional settings then in next windows scroll down and click on Backup and reset option.

  3. Now in next window, scroll down and click on "Erase all data (factory reset)".

  4. In next Window, click on Erase all data.

  5. Now click on "Erase data" to confirm.

  6. Now your realme 8 mobile will reboot in recovery to complete factory reset process.

  7. You will see "Wiping data please wait.." message on screen and wait for your device reboots.

  8. It may take 5-10 minutes after factory reset to Start your device.

  9. Once, it get started, now you have to setup the startup.

  10. Now enjoy.

How to factory reset realme 8 with an app ?

In this method, you have to install an Android app in your realme 8 smartphone. these are the all steps given Below to reset your device.

Remove SdCard and sim cards from your smartphone before following this method.

Method 2

  • and install simple factory reset app in your Realme 8 smartphone.

  • Now launch this application.

  • Now you will see start button on screen.

  • Now click on start button.

  • In next step you will see a pop-up window just click on Yes.

  • In next, you will be asked to active device administration. Just click on Activate button.

  • Now your smartphone will power off and will complete factory reset process.

  • It may take 5-10 minutes to start your device after reset, so kerp patience.

  • Once your device is completely power on, you can start your Realme 8 smartphone.

How to hard reset Realme 8 ?

  • Power off your Realme 8.

  • Now press hold volume down + power key together until realme logo appears on the screen.

  • Now release power key only and keep holding volume down key until you see recovery menu.

  • Now you can use volume up down keys to navigate and power key to confirm.

  • Select English language and press power button.

  • In next step select Wipe data and press power button.

  • In next step you will be asked to enter your screen lock pattern or pin, just enter your lock. If you see verification code screen then only type the code.

  • In next menu, select Wipe data and press power button.
  • Now you will a pop-up on screen, now click cancel to cancel the process and click Clear to Wipe data.

  • Now you see a message, "Wiping, please wait.." and "Wipe successfully".

  • Now click on Ok.

  • From recovery menu, restart your realme 8 smartphone.

  • It may take 5-10 minutes after hard rest to start completely.

  • Once, your device is ready you can setup it now and start using.


You will need to verify your Google account after hard reset when you setup your device. Connect to Wi-Fi or mobile data to login to your gmail account that was previously signed into your device. After successful login you can continue to use your smartphone.

You will only be responsible for any damage to your device. Do these operations at your own risk.

If you don't remember your gmail account, you will not be able to continue to start your mobile phone. Then you will need to bypass frp lock using Tools or boxes dongles in pc.