Jio F220B Flash File 2022 and 2021 versions

ध्यान दे।

Jio F220B की original 100% Tested Flash File केवल हमारे पास मिलेगी। हमारी file के अलावा कोई दूसरी file Flash करने पर आपका Jio F220B mobile पूरी तरह से dead हो सकता है, तो दूसरी अन्य file flash करने से बचे।

Model : Jio F220B
Firmware Price : Rs.50

Here you can download jio f220b working flash file and you will know full processor to flash it by Qflash tool.

By flashing, you can fix bootloop (Hang on logo), unlock users Locks, update firmware.

jio f220b flash file

Hey, have you forgotten screen lock (password) of your jio F220B or your device has gone in BootLoop, then is information is very important for you.

You will need to perform hard reset (factory reset) on your Lyf jio F220B to unlock screen lock or to fix bootloop(Hang On Logo).

Learn how to flash Jio F220B by Qflash tool.

If your Jio F220B stuck on logo or you have forgotten screen lock (User Lock), then you can fix these issues by installing stock rom (firmware) by Qflash tool.

Advantages of flashing jio F220B.

  • Fix bootloop (Hang on Logo).
  • Update or downgrade firmware.
  • Remove screen or security locks.
  • Fix network issues.
  • Fix imei.
  • Go back to default settings.
  • Unbrick.

jio f220b firmware

Download flash tool.

Flash tool name Qflash tool.
Tool size 4.52MB
Type .exe
Supports Windows only

Download USB drivers.

Drivers name Qualcomm usb driver
size 14.92MB
Type .exe
Supports Windows only
Method Auto installer

Download Jio F220B flash file.

File name
size 585.42MB
Type Firmware
Supports Jio F220B only

Remember before flashing.

  • Charge device battery at least 50%.

  • Charge your pc at least 50% or connect charger.

  • Usb original usb cable.

  • Make your pc viruses free.

  • Only download flash file for jio F220B to flash by flash tool.

  • Don't try to flash other flash file (firmware) in your jio F220B.

  • Don't disconnected your mobile while flashing.

How to Flash Jio F220B ?

Follow the instructions below to flash your Lyf jio F220B. Do this at your own risk.

  • You will need Jio F220B Flash File, Qualcomm usb drivers and Qflash tool on your pc.

  • Install drivers, after installing usb drivers, restart your pc.

  • Download and save Qflash tool on your pc.

  • Download and save flash file (stock rom) for Jio F220B.

  • Extract the flash file using 7zip or winrar tool.

  • Launch Qflash tool.

  • Click on Load button and then select pro_emmc_firehouse_8909_ddr.mbn file, in the next step select rawprogram_unsparse and then in next step select patch0 file.

  • After you select all files you will see MOD LYF-F220B in flash tool.

  • Now power off or remove and reinsert battery of your jio F220B.

  • Press and hold * key and then insert usb cable.

  • Now you will see Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM) port of your device in Qflash tool.

  • Now click on Download content.

  • Flashing will begin now and may take some time to complete.

  • After flashing success, reinsert battery and start your Lyf jio F220B.

  • Congratulations, Now flashing is done.

Related to jio f220b to remember.

1. What is the CPU type of Lyf Jio f220b ?

This jio mobile is supported by Qualcomm cpu chipset. You need Qualcomm drivers to make communication between your device and pc.

2. How to boot jio f220b in edl mode ?

To flash firmware you will need to boot your device in edl mode. To do so just press and hold * key and # keys together then insert usb cable. After this open your flash tool and click on scan port button.

3. What type of flash tool we can use to flash jio f220b ?

There are main tools that you can use to install stock rom in this device which are Qflash tool and miracle box 2.82.

4. Can we face any issue while flashing stock rom in jio f220b.

Installing firmware is a easy task if you are a master in this field. If you know all the step and you follow them carefully, then it will 100% successful for you. But if you are a bignner and you have less knowledge then it may risky while flashing the firmware.

You can avoid these type of issue just getting much knowledge about flashing. Just start learning to be perfect.

jio f220b hard reset

How to hard reset Jio F220B.

  • Power off your Jio F220B.

  • Now press and hold * key and power key together for 10-20 seconds.

  • When you see next window, release power key but keep holding * key for 10-20 seconds.

  • In next step you see recovery menu, now release * key.

  • Using down navigation key jump to "Wipe data/factory reset".

  • Press power button to Ok.

  • In next step Select "Yes" and Press power key to confirm.

  • Let the Wipe data/factory reset process complete.

  • Now select Reboot system now and then Press power button to restart your jio F220B.

  • First boot may take some time.

  • Now setup your device.

  • Congratulations, you have successfully done this task.

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