How to use http://localhost:8080 Server in android smartphone

http localhost 8080
Sever name Localhost
Port 8080
Localhost address http://localhost:8080
Supported os Windows, Mac, Android etc

If you are a web developer or you are a beginner then you need to test your coding skill creating web pages in html or php. To host your webpages you will need to get web server(Web hosting) by investing money, then you can get your website or webpages live on the internet.

Before uploading your webpages on your web server, you can run or test on localhost. Localhost is a server that you access on your computer.

If you wish run php, you need to upload it to the web server first. But installing local host sever on your computer, you can run or test offline in your computer.

What we can do with Localhost.

  • Runs html, css, JavaScript.

  • Can run php on localhost.

  • Can access MySql.

  • Can connect to databases from MySql with local host.

  • Can create databases.

  • Can send and receive data from MySql using localhost.

How to use Localhost server on your Android smartphone.

Getting started using Localhost sever is a easy task, you need to install only one apk in your smartphone.

App name Bit Web Server
Size 22MB
Supported Os Android
Android version 4.4 and above
Category Web, Coding, Programming

Steps to install localhost server in android.

  1. Search and download Bit Web Server apk in your Android phone.

  2. Launch Bit Web server apk.

  3. Turn on Web server and Database server from the menu.

  4. Scroll down and go to Access web.

  5. Click Localhost to access localhost.

  6. Click PhpMyAdmin to access MySql.

  7. Clicking Local host, you will go to browser and you will see the list of files or directories from your local storage stored in www folder.

  8. Clicking on PhpMyAdmin you will go to browser to login to PhpMyAdmin to access MySql. Type root in username and click go button.


  1. Don't close bit web server app while using localhost.

  2. Localhost server works offline.

  3. You don't need internet connection to view your webpages in localhost.

  4. Set chrome browser as a default browser for better experience.