Frp Hijacker By Hagard, best frp removal tool for samsung smartphones

Frp Hijacker By Hagard

Download the official Frp Hijacker tool for Windows to bypass frp protection from Samsung mobile devices.

Here you will get official link to download frp hijacker tool on your pc. Full instructions on how to use this tool are mentioned below.

How to use frp hijacker by hagard ?


  1. A PC.
  2. Samsung usb drivers.
  3. Frp Hijacker Tool.
  4. Microsoft Net Framework 4.5.2
  5. USB Cable.
  6. Frp locked Samsung Mobile.

What is frp (Factory reset protection)?

Frp (Factory reset protection) is a security by google that is enabled in Android smartphone if users hard reset or flash its device. Frp protection is only enabled if the user has logged in its google account (gmail) in its mobile before hard resetting or flashing firmware.

If you have frp locked device then you can't use it before verifying the authority. You need to enter the same google account (gmail) that you previously logged in into that device to verify yourself as a owner of that mobile device.

What is frp hijacker tool by hagard ?

Frp hijacker by hagard is a frp unlocker tool made for pc only. It runs on win7, win10 etc. You have to install this tool in your pc to unlock frp on Samsung android smartphone only.

Download frp hijacker by hagard v1.0.

Tool name : Frp Hijacker by Hagard
Tool version : V1.0
Tool size : 1.12MB
Extraction security

Download Samsung usb drivers for Frp Hijacker Tool communication.

Driver name : Samsung usb drivers
File size ; 20MB
File type : .exe

Steps to unlock frp using frp hijacker by hagard.

Method 1

  • Download and install Samsung usb drivers in your pc.
  • Download and install Microsoft net framework in your pc.
  • Download and install frp hijacker by hagard in your pc.
  • Now restart your pc.
  • Launch frp hijacker.
  • Click on frp hijack tab.
  • From the dropdown menu select your Samsung mobile model.
  • Power on your mobile in frp locked state.
  • Connect mobile to pc via a original usb cable.
  • Click on scan to scan your mobile usb port in frp hijacker. The port will look like (Samsung Mobile USB Modem).
  • Now click on Download Mode button. The device will now go to into download mode.
  • When your mobile is in download mode again click on scan button.
  • Now Tick (Remove Frp) and then click on (Hijack it) button.
  • Wait for frp removal successes.
  • Now your device will restart automatically.
  • Wait for 5-10 minutes till your Samsung mobile starts successfully.
  • Now you have successfully bypassed frp from your mobile.

Method 2

  • Insert a sim card in your frp locked Samsung mobile.
  • Power on your mobile.
  • Connect your mobile to internet connection by wifi.
  • Launch frp hijacker tool.
  • Go to Dialer tab.
  • Connect your Mobile to pc by a usb cable.
  • Click on Scan.
  • Enter any number.
  • Now click on Dial.
  • Your mobile now will start a call to that number.
  • Let the call ended.
  • Now you can click on message.
  • Now type and send a message to any number.
  • Now click on the link
  • Your youtube app now will open.
  • Search in youtube search bar and play any video then go to video description and click the link or
  • Now you will be asked to open this link browser, you have to choose Samsung internet to go to
  • Now search technocare apk and download in your mobile.
  • Search and download quick shortcut maker apk also.
  • Go to downloads in Samsung Internet browser and install quick shortcut maker apk.
  • Now open quick shortcut maker apk and search settings in search bar.
  • Scroll down and click on settings and then second settings option.
  • In the next window click on Tryit.
  • Now your mobile settings will open.
  • Go to settings/Security/Other security settings and then find device administrations and then turn off find my device.
  • Go back and go to apps and then disable google play services and google account manager apps.
  • Now go back and install technocare apk.
  • Again go to settings/account and click on add account, now click on Google.
  • Wait for few seconds.
  • Now login with any google account (gmail).
  • When successfully logged in then again go to settings/apps and enable google play services and google account manager apps.
  • Now restart your mobile and setup your device.
  • Follow the screen instructions to setup completely.
  • When setup is done, you can uninstall the technocare apk and quick shortcut maker apk.
  • Congratulations, you have done.