How to remove samsung account by simple factory reset apk

How to remove Samsung account from Samsung Android mobiles without pc.

If you have forgotten your Samsung account login details then you will not be able to remove it form your Samsung smartphone. You will have to reset your password and you must have recovery methods to change your Samsung account password.

But when you don't remember your recovery method such as phone number or email then you can't remove or logout of your Samsung account from your device.


You can't factory reset your Samsung mobile if you have Samsung account logged in. You will need to verify or logout your Samsung account first.

And if you hard reset too, you will not be able to use your device till you verify previously used same Samsung account details..

Trick to remove or logout your Samsung account.

Note that

All media files, contacts etc stored in your mobile device internal storage will be permanently erased during this factory reset process. So backup your whole data anywhere before proceeding to do this action.

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