How to factory reset android smartphone with backup and reset option.

How to factory reset android smartphone ?

Here you know to factory reset your smartphone with few steps. But before we proceed further, we need to what factory reset is. Let's discuss this topic first.

How to factory reset android mobile

What is factory reset ?

Whenever your get a new smartphone, you need to setup is first to use later. You have to follow to start your device by clicking next by next option to reach the startup of your device.

When you see a device in such condition, understand that it is factory reseted.


Factory reset is a process by which we can make a smartphone to its default settings, default storage etc. To reset a mobile device, operating system executes a function to reset itself to default condition.

How to factory reset an Android smartphone from settings ?

Making a Android mobile device to its default settings, is simple and easy. Follow the steps below.
  • Firstly power on your android device.
  • Now go to settings.
  • Find "Backup and reset".
  • Then find "Factory data reset".
  • Now find and click on "Reset device".
  • Now you will see a next page Now click on "Erase Everything".
  • Wait for seconds now your device will reboot, here now you can see erasing processing on screen.
  • Let the processing finished.
  • Now your device will boot and you see logo on screen for minutes.
  • It may take 5-10 minutes to Start your device completely, so keep patient.
  • Once your device power on completely, complete the setup seen on screen.

Another method.

If you can't find backup and reset option in settings homepage. Then follow the below steps to factory reset your mobile device.

  • Go to settings.
  • Search "Reset" in search bar on the top of settings page.
  • Now you can find exactly right link to the factory reset settings page.
  • click the result like reset settings, you find after searching "Reset".
  • Follow the further steps as mentioned before on the above section.

Remember before factory resetting your mobile phone.

Doing Factory reset will delete or erase all data or files saved on your device storage. So take a full backup of your data if you don't want to loose it.

Benefits of factory reset.

  • You will get a refreshed device.
  • All settings will become default if you have changed unexpectedly.
  • Your device will be free of any junk or viruses.
  • Your smartphone will become more faster.
  • You will have all storage space available to store more data.