How to use good title on your blogger or wordpress blog posts to boost your seo performance

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Hey, are you new to blogging or websites and you have recently created your first blog on blogger or wordpress, then there may be many questions and difficulties for you.
Setting up a blog is too easy but then to manage is too difficult.
So you have to know some additional important blog related guides. So stay here and focus on the topic.

What a title tag <title>.

A title tag specifically is a html element that describes what your web page or blog post is about. Title tag specify the title of a webpage or html document.
Title used in a webpage are shown or displayed in the results pages of search engines .
Search engines results pages ( SERPS ) contain a title of the webpages under 50 -60 characters. While using a title must remember to write the length under 50-60 characters.

Html title tag

<title>Your title here</title>
Title tag is placed after the <head> and before </head> tag of a html document. It is menatory to close every tag used in webpage. We start a tag like this <tagname> and close like </tagname> using / forward slash.
<title> title wriitn here </title>

What to do to write a good title for your website or blog posts ?

So what is the next you have to take to boost your blog or website title as that generated good attention to search engine or visitors that may like your posts ? Titles help to grow seo ( search engine optimization ) of your websites or blogs. Ranking is the key of every webpage to get more traffic.
  • Use your main or targeted keywords in your titles.
  • Try not to repeat that keyword in title again.
  • Use matching words in your title tool.
  • Do not write short or long titles.
  • Keep your title length under 50-60 characters.
  • Do not end your webpage title with (.) dot.
  • Start your title with a capital letters.
  • Do not use icons in your titles.
  • Write a attractive title.
You have to practice and implement this on your blogs or sites. I'm going to explain it clearly, just pay attention to.
If you are using blogger platform to publish your blog, then i recommend to replace to replace your title code with this, as this gives better results.
<title> <data:view.title.escaped/> </title>
This title tags will include your posts and pages title. Additionally it will add your blog title after blogs posts or pages titles.


This is your post/page title - your blog title.

Use meta title in templates or posts.

Meta name title is an another title that will accessed by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. Meta title will provide more information about your page to search engines.

How to use meta title ?

Look at example below how you can write meta title for your websites or blogs.
<meta name="title" content="Write a title here"/>

Use Open graph meta title tag.

Open graph meta tags are another type of meta tags used in webpages to provide information of your webpage to social media platforms sites like facebok, twitter etc.
<meta property="og:title" content="Write your title here"/>
Using open graph meta title tags will increase ability to be recognized by the social media sites.
These all types of titles mentioned here, can help you to grow your website or blogs performance on search engines, so try them and increase your online visibility.