Blogger or wordpress templates optimization, add a html button in blog posts

Customize blogger or wordpress themes. How to add a button in a blogger or wordpress blog post ?

Toady you will know about how you can add a button to your blogger or wordpress blog post. Also you can apply these buttons in templates. Adding a button will help your blog post to give a professional look and design. This will also optimize your blogger or wordpress template or theme. Let's get started with the instructions below.
blogger templates html button
Just add the code in your blog post where you want a button appear. Change your button test as you choose.

Add this html code in blog Post.

This a button

Output / Result

What is <button> ?

The html <button> element is a clickable button used to define actions. Html buttons can be designed with css. We can style or give better look to buttons. Buttons are used to submit forms and to do other actions. Buttons have default color and border but you can change as you want.
Buttons can be applied custom background, border, outline and text color. This will convert a button to a professional button. You can add a link or url on button too. This will take you to destination link or url.

How to style a button ?

A button can be designed using css, apply some css to change the layout and design of a html button.
<style> #button-style1 { width:100px; height:30px; background-color: green; color:white; border:0; border-radius:2px; } </style> <button id="button-style1"> Button </button>

Output / Result

Where to use this html button

This button can be used to create a table, list, as a link, as simple text, to excute a function, as a submit button and another actions.