Samsung Galaxy A10s Hard Reset to Remove Password or Fix Hanging.

Samsung Galaxy A10s Hard Reset. Remove your password or all  screen locks.

Hard reset your sm A10s device to remove your all types of screen locks very easily.
This method will delete all the the data in the device.

Samsung Galaxy A10s Hard Reset

You can hard reset your device with the help of keys of your phone very easily.
Lets look the steps below.

Samsung A10s Hard Reset.


* When device is turned On:

1. In  the ON condition, First of all press and hold the power key+Volume down key for 4-6 seconds to restart your device. 

2. When the Samsung logo appears on screen , leave the volume down key and press and hold the volume up key +power key together till the recovery menu of the device appears.

3. Now release all the keys.

4. If you see no command on the screen then press the power button for 2-3 seconds and tap the volume up button. Then you go to recovery.

5. Now you are in the recovery mode of yoir device.

6. In the recovery menu , select the Wipe data/Factory reset option, with the help of volume up and down buttons.

7. Now press the power button to confirm wipe data/factory reset.

8. It take some time to complete.

9. When complete, select the reboot now option from menu. Now your device will restart.

10. It may take some time to boot your device after reset.

* When the device is turned off.

Press and hold the Power+Volume up buttons together till the recovery mode appears.

Now your Sm A10s has been reset successfully. Now setup your device.